Monday, July 18

Look What I Just Bought! Audiobook Edition

I've taken advantage of Audible's 3 for 2 Summer Reads sale here, meaning that I still have 2 credits left over. My goal is to make them last until November, which I think is feasible given that I've already got George Eliot's Middlemarch (35+ hours) and James Clavell's Shogun (53+ hours) in my library. I need to get listening quick!

Rebecca by Daphne du Maurier
Read by Anna Massey (14h45)

I've been itching for more gothic manor house fiction since reading Sarah Waters's The Little Stranger back in May. Plus this is one of those books that I know I should have read, being a relatively easy member of the EngLit canon. And it's got a solid 4.19 Goodreads score. It's probably the book in my Audible library I'm most looking forward to reading.

On a side note: probably because it's been a classic for so long, there's so many beautiful covers for Rebecca on Google. I've included some here.

Second side note: I walked past du Maurier's father's house in Hampstead the other day, which is clearly another instance of the universe telling me to read this book.

Goodreads: Rebecca
Amazon: Rebecca
Audible: Rebecca

The Truth about the Harry Quebert Affair by Joel Dicker
Read by Robert Slade (20h30)

Another one with beautiful covers, I've seen mixed reviews about Quebert on Goodreads, seemingly related to the fact that it won so many awards back when it was published, but readers have found the writing clich├ęd and underwhelming, and the characters two-dimensional. Perhaps a case of poor translation?

In any case, I'm always up for a slice-of-life literary murder mystery.

Goodreads: The Truth about the Harry Quebert Affair
Amazon: The Truth about the Harry Quebert Affair
Audible: The Truth about the Harry Quebert Affair

Broken Harbour by Tana French
Read by Hugh Lee (22h41)

This one's an unknown quantity for me. I've never read anything by French before. But it's got good reviews and seems like an interesting premise. Plus it's long enough that I'm not embarrassed to spend a credit on it.

Not as impressed with the cover though. The Viking hardcover is slightly nicer.

Goodreads: Broken Harbour
Amazon: Broken Harbour
Audible: Broken Harbour

Books I narrowly avoided buying:
Child 44 by Tom Rob Smith (do you think his friends call him "Tom Rob"?)
The Gallows Curse by Karen Maitland (though Company of Liars has been on my wishlist for a while now.)
Great Expectations by Charles Dickens (I was almost tempted to try Dickens again, but I've never been able to get through any of his books, so I didn't.)

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