Hi! I'm Thomas.

I'm a Canadian Londoner. I mostly read fiction, including literary fiction (especially self-conscious, postmodern fiction), historical fiction, a healthy dose of sci-fi and fantasy, some thrillers and mysteries, and all combinations of the above - though there's some non-fiction in there too.

In 2015 I read 52 books, of which my favourite was The Sot-Weed Factor by John Barth (read it) and my least favourite was Reamde by Neal Stephenson (don't read it). I have a Kobo Aura HD, which I love because it's open source and Canadian and just generally a tank of an eReader, though I'm currently lusting after the Kobo Aura H20. I also have a backlog of Audible audiobooks which I'm working my way through.

Defending the title of my all-time favourite book since December 2013 is The Quincunx by Charles Palliser. My local independent bookstore is Owl Bookshop. My favourite bookstore is Waterstones Gower Street.

I started this blog as a place to put my thoughts about what I'm reading and what I want to read, and any reviews I post will be an honest reflection of that. I'll let it be known if I receive a particular book as part of a promotion. I rate books on the Goodreads scale:

1 = did not like it
2 = it was ok
3 = liked it
4 = really liked it
5 = it was amazing

I know it's weird to only give a book 3 stars if you liked it, but because the vast majority of the books I read tend to fall somewhere between "liked it" and "it was amazing", this gives me a pretty normal distribution (my stats are on Goodreads if you want to see).

Assume that links to Amazon and Audible are affiliate links, but I'm not associated with either, or with any other company.

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